Progress at the New Louisiana Home!

  Progress is being made daily at the new construction Louisiana Home! It’s so exciting! Take a look!   Here’s the paint selections for the Exterior of the home:     Ceiling detail in one the hallways:   View of the home from the road:     Back side of the home: Entrance hall:   […]

My Dream House (Wrapped into One)

Every girl can dream right? Well, Pinterest sure does have me doing just that! One day (far, far, far away) maybe Josh and I will build a house. But, if we end up never building Pinterst sure does help me dream and wonder what our house could look like if I designed it! So, it’s […]

Let’s Talk Details!

I know, I know this title is one we see over and over again in Design Blogs. But, it is the single most important thing when designing spaces. Without the details the design is meaningless, boring and certainly not pulled together. But, I also know that it’s not always easy to detail spaces and to […]