Jey’s Nursery in our Master Bedroom

  Jey’s Nursery in our Master Bedroom is officially ready for him! We are so excited! He will be here in a few short weeks! This will be his temporary space until we move in our new house in a couple of months. He will have his own woodland themed nursery there. Read the post […]

Guest Post: Tranquility in the Bedroom Through Colors

  Today, we have a Guest Post from Ella Andrews on Tranquility in the Bedroom Through Colors! Take it away Ella:   If it’s time for you to make a bedroom makeover and you are thinking about what color to choose, remember that there is no right or wrong. The only thing that will determine the […]

My Dream House (Wrapped into One)

Every girl can dream right? Well, Pinterest sure does have me doing just that! One day (far, far, far away) maybe Josh and I will build a house. But, if we end up never building Pinterst sure does help me dream and wonder what our house could look like if I designed it! So, it’s […]

The Guest Bedroom-Happy Monday!

Well it’s Monday morning and our Guest Bedroom is now completed! On Friday I was able to hang up these two lovely paintings that were from my late grandmother’s home. The mixtures in this room have me thinking I’m going to open up the window and see a tropical rainforest (when we are really just here […]

Bedroom Bliss.

Here’s another update on our new house! Our Master Bedroom is complete! We received our beautifully blissful bedding as a wedding gift. The calming whites, taupes and hints of blues literally will drift you off to sleep. We have a small pillow in the center that has our monogram on it and was given as […]