Painting Lamp Shades


Today let’s take a look at a recent project I’ve been working on for one very special client. It’s a small area in a larger entertainment space. It all started with a beautiful console table and I’ve been working via text (long distance/different states) to get the perfect look! Take a look at where we are at right now and where I envision the project being when completed.


before after aunt jan

Now, let’s take a closer look where we are at the moment.


aunt jan console lamps


I absolutely love this look! But, I think what would it make extra special would be adding taupe stripes to the white lamp shades. This will make the lamp shades stand out against the walls and give depth to the overall design.


And what I always love to do for my clients is throw in what I envision on the picture because it helps them see what the end result will be.


Here’s a sketch of what the stripes will look like on the lamp shades:

aunt jan console


Have a wonderful week and tune in next time here on Strickland Interiors Blog!






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