Guest Post: Tranquility in the Bedroom Through Colors


Today, we have a Guest Post from Ella Andrews on Tranquility in the Bedroom Through Colors! Take it away Ella:


If it’s time for you to make a bedroom makeover and you are thinking about what color to choose, remember that there is no right or wrong. The only thing that will determine the color of your bedroom is the style of the room and the look you aim for. The most often asked for look is the tranquil one as it helps one go to sleep more easily and provides better relaxation. From a designing standpoint, the colors you can choose from are basically dozens. They will all bring in a more of a tranquil look. I definitely isn’t all about the ivory. Do experiment until you find that color that appeals to you the most. You can do a kind of a soft butter cream, or you can do white. White is both a classic that never gets old, as well as very calming. There are a couple of nice and soft sages, sky blue or mountain blue, or even dark chocolate brown. In case you go for the butter cream, it would be nice to contrast it with some white. With sages, you can bring a darker green or a light sage and again pop with white or even ivory.




Another current ‘craze’ in terms of bedroom colors are the lavenders, which can be combined with white, ivory or even soft beige. A nice touch you can concentrate on is contrasting. For example, combining dark chocolate with white will really make the white color stand out.




However, when it comes to tranquility in the bedroom, there are a couple of big no’s. It does not mean that you actually cannot have these colors, it’s just that they are not really restful. For example, very dark colors like black or deep and dark blue. Bright yellow and red, on the other hand, are way too ‘loud’ and jarring. Navy blue will also not work if you look for a calming look. That is why it would be better to adhere to the softer tones. Many Edgware house movers and interior decorators’ personal experience has proven that the most tranquil tones are from the beige and ivory tones. You can have them not only on the walls, but also on the blanket, duvet, sheets and even on the headboard. Change up the textures in order to make it work. The way you can achieve that and make it really pop is by adding a bit of color as well as a bit of texture with some grounded chocolate brown.




It will make the ivory stand out real well. And if you want to add even more contrast, use a darker wood tone, for it will add a great contrast to the lighter walls. Regarding the tranquil feel, having a TV set in the room might not be the bedroom’s best interior piece. Especially not in the middle of it. Try to disguise it the best you can. Another thing you should consider when trying to transform your bedroom into a calm retreat is to get rid of all the kid paraphernalia. Same goes for the exercise equipment and the desk. They are an absolute no in the bedroom for they make you think of other activities, instead of indulging in quality rest.


Bio: Ella Andrews is a content writer who has great flair for decoration and interior design. She is always searching for new challenges. Therefore her present article is focused on exterior home design related theme.


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