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Happy Weekend Everyone! Here is a wonderful guest post from Dulles Glass & Mirror on Glass Art!

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A Dale Chihuly (via)

A glass artist to keep an eye out for is: Dale Chihuly. His glass artworks are gaining a huge fan following on picture-based social networks like Pinterest. And many art enthusiasts are able to spot a “Chihuly” artwork, in a single glance.

Functional Glass Art (via)

Some may not call the above piece, “Glass Art,” but I do. It’s functional glass art. It’s a one-of-a-kind, unique, hand-made piece from a Glass Art studio named ThinkGlass. However, affording this 4 inch thick glass countertop at $200-400 per square foot may not be for everybody. It’s worth noting, this glass is even thicker than the glass floor at the top of the Sears Tower (now known as the Willis Tower).

Mailhot’s Ceiling Glass Art (via)

This is another art piece from ThinkGlass and the glass artist named Mailhot. The above glass art piece is called “Magical Flowers” and it’s hanging at a private residence in New York. The vibrant textures and bright array of colors make this ceiling pop. In regards to this piece, Mailhot was quoted as saying, “It was technically challenging with these very thin blades of glass and special attachment system. It’s a unique interpretation of a suspended flower’s heart.”

Corning Museum of Glass (via)

Lastly, speaking of glass art, did you know there is a glass art museum called The Corning Museum of Glass, in Corning, New York? It is a Non-Profit Organization and it contains more than 35 centuries of glass artistry in its galleries, with all of the latest glass innovations, and even live glassmaking demos!

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