Let’s Talk: Gallery Walls


Gallery Walls are becoming my new favorite way to dress up a Wall. I literally gasp every time I see a pretty, nicely thought through Gallery Wall. For example, here’s one that impresses me very much. Take a look and then “let’s talk” about it.


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OK, so my first thought on this breathtaking Gallery Wall is that I just love the way that the photos are hung diagonally on the wall. What a neat idea, right? Also, the colors are just perfect. Balancing out color is key when creating a Gallery Wall. OK on to the next:


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One word: Symmetry. Sometimes all you need is symmetry done correctly to make any room in your home fantastic! And that’s just what this is. The beautiful combination of white, gold, and pink is not only soothing but fresh. Here’s one that’s not exactly what you would call symmetrical.


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This is such an elegant look, don’t you think? The black and neutrals really give this Gallery Wall a classic look. Last but not least is a natural Gallery Wall.


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This Gallery Wall has such a natural look about it, right? The earth tones and natural flow of the pictures reflect nature.


Are you as inspired as I am to create a Gallery Wall? If so, grab a hammer and nail and start hanging!


And, I’ve got some exciting news: I’m so honored to have my first publication for a home I’ve designed in the February edition of Bayou Life Magazine!


Have a wonderful end to the week!


– Jan Strickland





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