Making Changes to Our Mantle.


Happy 2013! Christmas is over and it’s officially 2013. Ever since the Christmas stockings and lighted garland came off of our mantle, I’ve been playing around with different ways to change/freshen it up in the New Year. I received an antique vase from my cousin this Christmas that it absolutely beautiful and works perfectly on our mantle. It is a 1920’s-1930’s Hull Stoneware Striped Vase. Along with the vase, we have a beautiful bird figurine, a small sculpture called “Faithful”, a piece of white coral, a jar full of my wine cork collection, and a beautiful abstract piece from Target. Here’s a look at what it looks like as of right now:


I know all of you are probably gasping right now and thinking how do you (a designer) have a T.V. above the fireplace. Well, even though it is a big designer no-no it works perfectly in the floor plan of our living room. So in order to make the “big black box” feel at home I’m dressing it with some beautiful pieces. Take a look at the mantle from a few steps back:


Now, let’s have some fun….I inserted somes square and circle abstract turquoise art pieces to the blank space above the mantle. Take a look:


To be honest I’m not crazy about this look. I’ve decided I’m going to stick with my simple mantle that looks like this:

Have a wonderful week and tune in soon to Strickland Interiors Blog!


– Jan Strickland




















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