Custom is the Key.


Whenever you add a special “custom – made” piece to your interior design project you change the project into one that is unique and one of a kind. Who doesn’t want their home or office to feel like no other? Today, I want to share with you a custom project that I did lately (with the help of my lovely mother). This project was just too fun! My home office had a slight problem – unfinished windows. The two windows had no window coverings other than blinds and it just seemed way too unfinished for me. I searched through an incredible fabric shop (that I work at) and found the perfect pattern and color. I then designed the way I wanted the fabric to hang on the window and found the perfect/unique trim to finish off the job. Enjoy the before & after shots.





Up next…possibly a change to the color of the chandelier…hmm.


Always remember “Custom is Key”. Have a wonderful week!


– Jan Strickland




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