Weekend Project: DIY Framed Fabrics


There are so many small projects that I plan on (eventually) tackling around our house. But, for now the entrance hall is a must! It’s an awkward, narrow space with doors on one side and an air conditioning controller and HVAC on the other side. So, unfortunately there’s not much room to get creative. But, I plan on making the best of it. My first project for the entrance hall started today! I have this wonderful print that my brother gave to me and Josh as a wedding gift. Check out where it is from-http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/marianna-micahs-slices-of-the-south-house-tour-175562 .  I love it-it says Sweet Home over the Alabama flag (Sweet Home Alabama). Makes me want to start singing! The size of the print is unique though and to cut cost on getting it matted and framed I opted to mat it myself! Here’s where the fun began!

I just started working as a designer at a local fabric store here in Montgomery, AL and at the store we had several discontinued fabric books. I jumped on the opportunity to get one with similar colors that are in our living room (since the entrance hall leads to the living room). I took existing frames around the house and placed my favorite patterns out of the book in them. Then I took smaller remnants of the fabrics and placed them around the “Sweet Home” print to create a unique matted and framed look! I’m very pleased with the way everything turned out! It’s helping our awkward hallway feel a little bit more like “Home Sweet Home.”

Here’s some pictures of the process and finished product!


The discontinued fabric book that got all cut up in the process.


Selecting fabrics to cut.



All the supplies!


The wonderful “Sweet Home” print before being placed in the frame!


Matting the art with fabric!


The finished product!!


All hung up in the hallway!




Framed Fabrics!


Wanting to make your own framed fabrics? Most fabric stores have a discontinued section where you can pick them up for $1! Have fun and get creative! If you need some help or ideas I’m just an e-mail away at Jan@stricklandinteriors.com.


Tune in next time for more ideas to spruce up your home! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!


-Jan Strickland





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