Apartment Tour!

Apartment designs are so fun! They always seem to reflect what’s going on in the life of the person living in them at the moment. And this apartment does just that. It’s the apartment of my lovely 1st cousin. I was asked to help pick out a few items such as draperies and accessory placing and it was so fun! She’s a few years younger than me and is about to start Seminary! She has such a wonderful spirit and is very into the mission field. Not too long ago she traveled to Africa on a mission trip. She loved Africa and the people there! Since her traveling on mission trips and going to Africa have had such a wonderful impact in her life, she has chosen to use those themes throughout her apartment. Take a look at this fun-filled apartment with reflections of her love for travel and Africa!


Africe is hung above the sofa-perfect!


Have  a wonderful weekend (that starts tomorrow)!


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– Jan Strickland




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