Let’s Talk Details!

I know, I know this title is one we see over and over again in Design Blogs. But, it is the single most important thing when designing spaces. Without the details the design is meaningless, boring and certainly not pulled together. But, I also know that it’s not always easy to detail spaces and to bring everything together. So today I want to share some of the ways that I’ve detailed mine and Josh’s home to make it more meaningful, more exciting and more pulled together.


First, our mantel. We have a t.v. mounted on the wall in the center of the mantel (I know not always the most smiled upon way to hang your t.v. in the design world but it works for us). The challenge was trying to figure out what to place on each side. On the left side I placed a glass jar, my grandmother’s silver trivet and white coral. And on the right side we placed a sculpture given to us as a a wedding gift by my dear friend that lives in Sweden.


Next up, is our vignette on a wall in the living room (which is across from the fireplace in the pictures above). On this vignette we have several beautiful wedding gifts that we received. I wish I could go on and on about the stories behind each special person and gift but I’m going to stay focused on the post. But, this is definitely an example of making your spaces more meaningful (full of life & stories).


Our wooden chest of drawers in our bedroom was screaming for attention and last week, it got just that. I framed our Wedding Invitation and placed beautifully shaped and painted candlesticks beside it. I also personalized our dresser (which is in the same room) by adding wedding pictures, candlesticks and monogrammed “S” glass vases.

(notice our incredible vaulted ceiling)


And here’s just a few more fun details to share: I’m starting a wine cork collection and storing them in these glass canisters on the dining table. A picture that I took on our honeymoon in a golden frame with my grandmother’s gold mirror surrounding it in our master bathroom. And then last but not least a picture of a key holder made out of the back of an old chair by my dear friend.


Thanks for tuning in! I hope this inspires each of you to tune in on the details because that’s where the spaces meanings are! Have a wonderful rest of the week.


-Jan Strickland



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