Color Consultations

One of my favorite things to do as a designer are Color Consultations! It’s so fun and rewarding to walk into a client’s home and to choose the perfect color to transform their space(s)! In most all cases the furnishing and furniture can be right for the space but the color is not. With a simple in home visit or in most all cases e-mailed pictures of the space I can choose the right color to make a world of difference! For example, this coral room in the first photo had all of the same furniture, bedding and accessories when I did the initial consultation. But, when I made the decision to go with this coral color that was the right tone to match the bedding, it really transformed the space into a stylish young girls bedroom! Whether you need some sprucing up in your home with accent colors or need a complete room change you can e-mail me at for pricing and info on services.

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-Jan Strickland


Here’s some more examples in some of my designs of how color can really transform a space!



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