Living Eclectic

Well guys we finished our living room! It was somewhat of a process. We replaced the existing light fixture and wired all of the cable through the wall with the fireplace in order to mount the t.v. But, it’s done and I’m excited with the way it turned out. It’s very eclectic to say the least. Josh and I have a lot of items that are family heirlooms that were passed down to us. We have his grandmother’s gold velvet chair that’s a pure gem! I inherited a beautiful cedar chest from my great aunt that graces the back side of our sofa. The sofa is Josh’s and the turquoise chair is mine. We have several collected items throughout the room that were either given to us as a wedding gift, by a family member or we found a great deal. We are having fun mixing and matching all of our things together (we aren’t ready to buy new items). Enjoy the pictures and remember don’t be afraid to mix and match what you have to create a fun and eclectic feel!

See you next time!

-Jan Strickland



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